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Inexpensive protein powder

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Posted by Thomas

I was wondering if anyone knows of an inexpensive, high quality protein powder. I can't use milk because I'm lactose intolerant. Can someone help?

Re: Inexpensive protein powder

Posted by Fred

Being lactose intolerant significantly limits your choices. One you could try is Egg Pro Plus - High performance egg white protein. Egg Pro Plus contains 90 calories, 0grams fat, 0mg cholesterol, 280mg sodium, 275mg potassium, 2grams carbohydrates, and 20grams protein in each velocity spray dried egg whites, l-glutamine, l-leucine, l- isoleucine, l-valine, l-alanine, pyridoxine (vitamin B6). Egg Pro Plus is available for $27.95.

Re: Inexpensive protein powder

Posted by Joe

hey i like the Perfect RX from Natures Best. I got 125 servings for $99 plus shipping at DPS nutrition. Thats cheap (less than $.99) per serving) and it tastes pretty good.

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