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is dianabol worth it

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Posted by Miguel

Hi there

I would just like to know If it is worth taking dianabols?

I would like to put on some muscle, But my only concern is people say the gains are only water and ill lose it as fast as I've gained it? Is this true?

I'm not looking for a quick gain that will fade, I would like to stay fairly lean and muscular? Will dianabols help?

I've got so many questions to ask, but I heard its high in the estrogen hormone too? So what does this all mean?

Will I expand quickly and shrink quickly?

Re: is dianabol worth it

Posted by Paul

No it is not worth it and you will lose the gains when you go off.

Dianabol is a anabolic steroid whish in a syenthic testosterone, when you take it your bodys own natural testosterone production is supressed so when you go off you haw low testosterone and you gains go away.

Supplements can help you gain without losing it after, a great natural testosterone booster is Andro Stack.

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