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Is HGH Safe for Bodybuilding?

HGH (human growth hormone) is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland in the brain that stimulates growth and cell rejuvenation in the body. Levels of HGH are highest in childhood when growth is most vital but slow down by 14% every ten years after the age of 30. A deficiency in HGH during childhood can lead to stunted growth in adulthood and on the other end of the spectrum, the decreasing amount of HGH in the body after the age of 30 is the primary agent causing the body to age and look older. Because a decreasing level of HGH has been recognized as the leading cause for body aging, HGH supplements have been manufactured to assist in these issues.

HGH is prescribed medically by an endocrinologist (hormone specialist) for children with height deficiencies, for older adults whose levels of HGH have decreased too dramatically and are now affecting their quality of life, and more recently, for athletes who wish to increase their athletic performance, endurance, and recovery time after work outs and injury.

The most effective form of the HGH supplements are taken through subcutaneous injection and consists of a synthetic (man-made) form of HGH that has been developed through genetic engineering. This form of HGH is quite costly (averaging $25 per injection) and is available only by doctor prescription because it has the potential to cause side effects.

These side effects are usually only present with the abuse of incorrect use of the HGH injected supplement and can include:

–Acromegaly (bone growth)
–Heart enlargement
–Low blood sugar
–Excessive hair growth
–Excessive water retention
–Liver damage
–Thyroid damage

As said before, these side effects are usually only chanced with the abuse of the HGH injection, and if the HGH injection is obtained any way other than through a licensed doctor. Purchasing a low-quality HGH product and injecting yourself with it can cause a slew of other problems unrelated to the HGH side-effects mentioned above. While the HGH injection supplement does provide fast results and is an effective aid in increasing children’s height, reducing aging effects on the body, and enhancing athletic performance, these side-effects should be considered when opting for the HGH injection supplement.

Alternatives to the HGH injection that are more cost effective and derived from all natural substances—making them safer and with fewer to no side-effects—are natural HGH supplements. Natural HGH releasers come in pill or spray form and deliver similar results to the HGH injection but not as instantaneously. Results with the HGH injection are seen within a few weeks of use because the HGH is being injected directly into the blood stream, while results from using a natural HGH releaser take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months to be seen fully. Instead of incorporating a synthetic form of HGH into the body, natural HGH releasers work with the body to help it increase its own level of HGH production.

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HGH Safety, Is HGH Safe for Bodybuilding

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