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Is peanut butter good for bodybuilding

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Posted by chubbs

Peanut Butter is a major staple in my diet.. Usually atleast 2 servings a day! This contains a lot of fat... I am still losing fat, but would like more results... Should I drop the peanut butter?? What about lowering my carbs to help with the fat reduction???

Re: Is peanut butter good for bodybuilding

Posted by Titanium

Need more info... Personally, I would probably drop one servign or all of the peanut butter if you are trying to get rid of more fat. Are you taking flax seed oil? Are you getting any fat elsewhere during the day?

As for lowering your carbs... What are they at now? What is your carb to protein ratio? What is your maintenance level of carbs and cals?

Re: Is peanut butter good for bodybuilding

Posted by linebacker

Try hitting Tuna with your whey shake. I practically swear by the Tuna and Nitrotech Diet.

1 can of tuna is around 30 grams of protein. 1 Scoop of nitrotech(20 grams)and 10 oz of milk(10 grams) gives a total of 30 more grams. Blam- 60 grams a sitting. I just take in 1/4 the can of tuna in my mouth and then swallow it down ith about 1/4 of my cup of nitrotech. I repeat that 3 more times.

Do this 6-8 times a day and hit your water. I promise, if this is all you eat for 7 days you will notice a huge DIFFERENCE. Even if you eat your regular breakfast then hit the tuna/nitrotech every 2 hrs after you too will get veins in your thighs.

Re: Is peanut butter good for bodybuilding

Posted by BigT

i love penaut butter! i use teddy bear . it is all natural not much sugar.

Re: Is peanut butter good for bodybuilding

Posted by ThinkLarge

peanut butter is a great source of good fat! stick with your peanut butter just decrease it to one serving instead of two.

tuna 4x a day! damn thats a lot. unless it comes in the form of sushi, i dont think so.

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