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ketogenic diet and bodybuilding

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Posted by Carlos

I just read in Flex magazine that ketogenic diets can hinder fat burning and that what weight you do lose is mostly water. I was under the belief that ketogenic diets were effective for burning fat. Also, what's considered ketogenic (how many carbs per day?) Is it the same as the Atkins diet?

Re: ketogenic diet and bodybuilding

Posted by biff

Dont read Flex. While in ketosis the body will only burn fat. Thats the great thing about keto diets...muscle sparing, fat burning. However, it takes almost inhuman discipline to get and stay in ketosis, especially during the first week.

For weight training the best kind of keto diet is the CKD (cyclical ketogenic diet). You stay at 20 gr or less of carbs per day and on the weekend you do a carb load phase for about 36 hours which refills glycogen stores for training during the week. The Atkins diet is not very conducive to weight training since your almost at 0 carbs the whole time. The absolute best source for the CKD is a book by Lyle Macdonald called "The Ketogenic Diet".

Re: ketogenic diet and bodybuilding

Posted by john

i just started the bodyopus diet following lyle's examples and suggestions. but find it very hard to eat so much fat. ie 1.5 times protein intake. i did make it to 1.1 : 1 yesterday and plan to do better today. and was in very mild ketosis yesterday. and bit of a sore throat today. any advice or suggestions? anybody? help!!!!

Re: ketogenic diet and bodybuilding

Posted by Newton

Biff is right! I would also add that there are several good ketogenic diets out there - Protein Power, BodyOpus, and Natural Hormone Enhancement.

Hang in there - Good Luck!

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