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lifting form vs weight to build muscle

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Posted by Jeff

Why do bodybuilders always say in their articals to use strict form when performing movements but in the pictures that accompany their training articals they are doing it different? For example, Tricep push-downs, the bodybuilder says to keep the elbows in, yet their elbows are straight out in the pictures. Granted they have big lats and all but they are still using much different technique than what their artical says. This is the same for many other lifts. So how does the reader know what to do, do what they say and not as they do?

Re: lifting form vs weight to build muscle

Posted by Informer

Jeff, everyone stresses the importance of correct technique while lifting. Not only does correct technique make you stronger and more balanced, but it will also curb a lot of lifting injuries such as muscle pulls and joint problems. Usually the people who stress technique but are then seen performing the lifts incorrectly, are working above their bodies capacity to perform. As any lifter should know, when you do too much weight or work your muscle to failure, your technique will almost always fail. Take that into consideration before you try to lift more than you can handle. Forced reps are crucial, but never at the expense of technique.

Re: lifting form vs weight to build muscle

Posted by Strictly Speaking

There is no one perfect way to do any excercise but there are ways not to do an exercise. In the case of Triceps press it can infact isolate a different part of the muscle by pointing the elbows to the side however, you don't want to have so much weight that you lay on the bar.

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