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mike mentzer workout

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Posted by Danny

Hi there,

I just read about the Mike Mentzer workout routine and Iím looking to give it a go.

Iíve been training for around 2 years now and like the majority of people, Iíve done Ďvolume trainingí. Iíve done a lot of reading on Mike Mentzer and his rest periods seemed a lot longer than I've been taking?

Also what I canít get my head around is the fact that thereís no isolation workouts for your abs? Is this because the other workouts do this for you?

Lastly I just wondered how it worked for you, what sort of gains you achieved and do you believe in it like Mike did?

Your help would be muchly appreciated.

Many thanks,


Re: mike mentzer workout

Posted by Paul

Hi Danny,

I have been doing high intensity training since 1980 and have tried many different routines, I find that for my body the type of workouts Mike recommended in the 1970's works best. But that is for me and each person still has to find his own tolerance to exercise and recovery ability.

I personally don't do much direct waist work because yes it does get a lot of indirect work and because waist work does not burn fat it only works the muscles and I prefer a small waist not a big one.

If you don't have Mike's workout DVD, you really should get it, it is the closest thing you can get to Mike being in the gym with you. Go to Mike Mentzer DVD.



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