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muscle building and jogging

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Posted by Gilbert


I have been working hard on finding what suits me properly in achieving my goals.

My main purpose is to keep maintaining muscle growth and mass while achieving better fitness as well. I think I have focused a lot on gaining weight, and it worked, but I was known as a very fast and quick athlete, losing fitness and endurance affected my performance when I gained all the weight (mass).

I am just skeptical in jogging for a long time or walking long distance, because it drops my weight dramatically, and I feel the work I am putting on gaining muscle weight has gone, that is why I stopped the running and jogging. But however, is jogging the only way to pick up endurance and boost my fitness level? I know jogging will bring my fitness level back, but I am worried it will drop all the muscle I have built already.

How can I be like sprinters who are fit and have endurance, with big muscles, or rugby players with big muscles and fit enough to play 80 minutes, not like cross country or marathon athletes with smaller muscles.

Please assist me with that.

Best regards,


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