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muscle building at home

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Posted by Marco

Well it's looks like my local gym is about to close, looks like I'm stuck with no where to workout for a while. What do you suggest for getting a good workout at home?

Re: muscle building at home

Posted by Seabass

First of all, try and round up some weights if ya can and stick to the basics.... i.e.( curls, shoulder raises, tricep extensions, flys, rows, etc...)

If you can't let me know and I'll try and figure out some more stuff for you to do, but just stick to the basics and you'll be alright.

Do lots of pushups, ab work, sissy squats, dips, etc..

Also do some jogging if ya like or runnning up and down some stairs would actually be better... (JUS A FEW THINGS I WOULD SUGGEST, I'll THINK OF MORE!)

Re: muscle building at home

Posted by gobig


To get big, you have to lift big. You can get deffinition and lose body fat at home doing the more aerobic exercises (ie. jumping rope, climbing stairs, pushups, pullups) but to really pu on mass you need to use the large muscle group exercises (bench, squats, and deads and slowly work up to heavy weights...)

Go to local comunity college or YMCA or something similar.

I'm not a fan of lifting water filled milk jugs at home, or rigging your own rat trap. Your just asking for injury when you get up to big weights and the thing breaks. Get the right tools for the job. Put out a few bucks and do it right.


Go Big!

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