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Muscle Mass Building Routine

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Posted by Chris


I'm a big fan of your website, it has really helped me get back into weight lifting after a serious car accident. I've been doing this muscle mass building routine for two weeks now and I know you guys say your body needs a lot of rest but 4 days off? I'm itchin to get back to the gym everyday. The off days between workouts aren't bad because I'm usually sore as hell and would rather not go to the gym but on weekends I get bored sometimes and just want to hit the gym. I have been doing some light swimming or running on some of my off days just to help boost my metabolism and keep me active. I know I'm suppose to keep my cardio to a minimum but I gotta do something! Do you got any suggestions for me? Should I stick it out a few more weeks then switch up the plan to something more advanced? Maybe like a four day split?

Love your guys website, keep up the good work, really appreciate you providing this great info.

Huge fan of yours,


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