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old school bodybuilding tips

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Posted by Richard

Just a little tip reguarding rowing. If you REALLY want to increase your back strength, remember that at the top of the movement, to arch the back and bring the chest forward. Make it into a sort of pump the chest up as far as you can. I did this with various grips for the FB players I was coaching and it really hit each major part of the back. At the end of the arching of the back, hold it for perhaps 2 sec and you will really feel the pump and the contraction. I know that this is not new info, but it really works! The kids were astounded at their growth in strength and endurance.

I used this to help me row (one-on-one in other words, I was by myself) 14 ton lifeboats when I was taking a Coast Guard class every day for 14 weeks. The other students in the life saving class couldn't believe that was doing that. I NEVER raised a sweat. I did this as a pre-workout routine everyday for the duration of the class - often with contrary winds.

Please note that I was in my 50's at the time and have never had any sort of regular phys ed class. After 1 to 2 hrs of rowing, I would then go to the gym to get a "real" workout. I be "old school" and used to keep a coffee can next to my squat and dead lift rack - for a reason. If I couldn't row, I would do 30 - 40 old school pull ups instead.

I thought I'd send you some musings of an old school iron warrior.

Yours, lift heavy and lift safely,


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