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Posted by August

Hey , My name is August I'm 19 years old and i have some questions about over training that i really hope you can help me with.

Q.1: When i workout a muscle group to the fullest how do i know when its worked out to the fullest without over training the muscle group (is it something i can feel and if so how does it feel, Is it when after a minute or 2 of rest the muscle is still completely fatigued and i cant even do half a set more or what?)

Q.2: When i have Worked out a Muscle group to the fullest how do i know when i can work it out to the fullest again (is it something i can feel and if so how does it feel, do i have to wait until my soreness is completely gone or what?)

Q.3: About How many times a week can someone work out a muscle group to the fullest (now i know this question is very hard to answer cause its different from person to person with recovery time and so on, but its more just a guide line and then i can feel my way from there based on the other questions and so.)

Those were my Questions Thank You Very Much for your time.

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