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Partial Reps

Continue to do partial reps when you are too tired to complete full-range-of-motion repetitions is an effective shock method you could use, and it is a particular favorite of a very famous bodybuilder known as Tom Platz. You can use partial reps for any muscle in the body, But Tom prefers using them for leg exercises. He will do a set of leg extensions until he can't do any more complete repetitions, and then will continue to do half reps, quarter reps, and on down until he is lying back on the bench, agony from the burn, his thighs barely able to twitch. The important thing to remember is not to do partial reps until you are too tired to do any more full repetitons. Even though you are unable to lift the weight through a full range of motion, the fact you can move it at all proves there is still fiber there to be stimulated and train.

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