pre post exhaust training

Pre Post Exhaust Training

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Pre Exhaust and Post Exhaust Training

The Pre-Exhaust principle works by hitting the target muscle with an isolation exercise, and then with no rest working it even more with a compound exercise. What you do in practice is work the deepest fibers of the muscle, and drive even more blood into the area.

Here’s are some examples of Pre-Exhaust Training for each body part:

Chest - Flys or Pec Deck, followed by Bench Press or Dips.

Back – Straight Arm Lat Pulldown, followed by Chin Up or Barbell Row.

Shoulders – Side Lateral Raise, followed by Barbell Press.

Biceps – Dumbbell Curls, followed by Reverse Grip Chin Up.

Triceps – Triceps Extensions, followed by Dips.

Thighs – Leg Extensions, followed by Squat or Leg Press.

Calves – Seated Calf Raise, followed by Standing Calf Raise.

This type of training gives a tremendous pump and deep burn in the muscles. Sometimes however this isn’t enough. You can make it even more intense by combining Pre-Exhaust training with Post-Exhaust Training, also called the Post Pump Workout.

As well as performing a Pre-Exhaust movement, before the main exercise, you perform a Post-Exhaust movement (another isolation exercise) also, doing all three exercises with absolutely no rest in-between them.

Here are just some examples of Pre-Post Exhaust workout routines:

Chest - Flys, Bench Press and Cable Crossover.

Back – Straight Arm Lat Pulldown, Chin Up and Barbell Pullover.

Shoulders – Side Lateral Raise, Barbell Press and Upright Row.

Biceps – Incline Dumbbell Curls, Reverse Lat Pulldown and Barbell Concentration Curls.

Triceps – Triceps Extensions, Dips and Two-Arm Dumbbell Kickbacks.

Thighs – Leg Extensions, Leg Press and Sissy Squat.

Calves – Seated Calf Raise, Standing Calf Raise and Donkey Calf Raise.

These suggested combinations are only a few of the many that I am sure you can come up with yourself, with a little experience and imagination.

The number of sets and reps can vary, but generally somewhere around 8 to 10 reps each exercise is best. The number of sets is anywhere between 1 and 3 depending on your level of training and how much effort you are putting into each cycle of exercises. If you do it right just 1 or 2 sets can give you an amazing pump.

Work hard and make sure your muscles are supplied with Amino Acids both before and after your workout and fast growth is assured!

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Pre Exhaust and Post Exhaust Training

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