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push ups not improving

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Posted by Dino


Every morning, I perform 20 push-ups. I've been doing this for over a year now. Now, even after a year of this, the 18th, 19th and 20th push-ups are still - how you say - NOT effortless.. Is this right?


Re: push ups not improving

Posted by Paul

If you just keep doing 2o you will never get stonger, you have to do 21, then week and 22 the week after that, then 23, etc.

You have to challenge you body and force it to do more then it has done before.

Re: push ups not improving

Posted by Krease

body: The standard push-ups work wonders for your chest, maintaining the right posture is a must though, that is where many people trying to get sculpted go wrong, the thing is, going up and down does not make you stronger. Keeping the correct form makes your muscles strain more, which creates more microtears that regrow and make your muscles stronger and more impressive to the eye. Do not be in a rush to do them, you can do them as a wind down from a more difficult workout at the gym. The best thing is that they cost absolutely nothing. I hope it helps, and enjoy your new chest.

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