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px90 workout schedule

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Posted by Kunal

Hello. I had a question about basically how to go about working out.

I'm 6ft 185lbs. I'm a vegetarian but I do have protein shakes and bars. I have fat in my belly and chest area (like i flex my chest, i'm getting muscle there, but slight man-boobs if you want to put it that way).

I'm eating healthier where I eat oatmeal for breakfast, 1/4th of a protein bar as a snack around noon and then I workout around 2pm. I do light weight lifting where I have biceps and the change is there. I also run for 20 mins on the treadmill. Then I eat a salad or something healthy and a snack later again. I have controlled the eating but I want to gain lean muscle and loose weight. Thats what I'm really confused about. About 2 months ago I started doing p90X, but wasn't eating great at the time and i bulked up really fast and i hated the look. I want to be about 170-175 lbs with hardcore muscle and the lean look!

What should I do? Should I start p90x and continue eating healthy. Should I do heavier weights and keep running? Should i do p90X only the weight training and other days just run on the treadmill? ANY advice you have will be helpful...i want to a tall, but lean, slim appearance..basically how do I get to that point. I have seen results but am just unsure if I should start p90x chest, bi, tri, back workouts or still continue to loose my belly, which is just a but more to loose...

Thank you in advance!

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