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raw eggs in protein shakes

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Posted by Moe

Does anybody use raw egg whites in the protein shakes? I do for an extra kick of real protien. Usually about 3 white. Anyone else???

Re: raw eggs in protein shakes

Posted by Gremlin

Make sure you have good health ins. Salmonella is active in raw eggs. I know. My brother about 13 years ago used to eat 2 raw eggs a day.

He came down w/ salmonella poisening one day and laid up in the hospital for 4 days and lost over 20 pounds. When he returned to the gym he lost all the progress he made the previous 2 years. It took him 6 months to get back to where he was. So unless your'e getting ready to fight Apollo Creed or Ivan Drago for a title I'd stick with the cooked eggs and powders

Re: raw eggs in protein shakes

Posted by Hit Man

I have used raw eggs many, many times and I never had a problem at all.

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