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Raye Hollitt American Gladiator Bodybuilder

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Posted by Steve Rimnac

Women of the Year, Raye Hollitt

I nominate Raye Hollitt as the woman who has made the most important societal contibutions.

I first saw Raye many years ago wrestling with men and maybe women. She came off as a gutsy intelligent strong person you could respect. She had and has maintained a very good bodybuilding look and has been in and out of the bodybuilding and other magazines for many years. On the American Gladiator's she was very popular with the fans and came off as a role model for younger women. I recently saw her compete as a contestant on that show and her popularity was apparent. In a film with John Ritter, Skin Deep, she was a sexy, strong, love interest. This was a societal first for our mass media, a strong smart female love interest with a then popular boy next door actor, never before. She was the chosen one for that role. A societal first like this can not be duplicated. Appearances in TV programs.

Now Playboy. This can not be underestimated. Hugh Hefner's original 13 page treatise to his magazine back in the 1960's stated that certain types of censorship caused more harm than good, then he proceeded portraying large breasted weaker bodied young females, many woman still emulate this look. When I grew up, the concensus among my friends, boys, at puberty, was to get their father's Playboy, usually hidden in a locked room to heighten the mystique, to make the connection between mind and that instinct, to close oneself from this instinct is like a Ostrich sticking its head in the sand. I choose to redraw the female image I was looking at, to be a little stronger with biceps and smart, seemed healthier, more fun.

I now believe that the decision made at that time is probably how that person will still think when they die, (All variations can be viewed this way, but you likely will not change, but you can open your mind). I can not help but think that for Playboy to hold up someone like Raye Hollit for this role can not help but do good for future generations. Moreover, if this became the theme for Playboy, we would all be better off. She exhibits motivated clear thinking guts and seems likely to influence in a positive way for years to come. Her role is not a easy one, a new one. Our mass media's are the message.


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