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rheo blair protein

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Posted by Steve

I was a student of sports nutritionist the late, great Rheo Blair. I never got any satisfactory results in the gym until I booked a private appointment with him at his home office in the Larchmont area of LA. Rheo fixed a wonderful high protein breakfast for me and designed a personal nutritional program that he started me on during our session. I only had $600 cash in my pocket that day, around 1978 I think, real money and I bought all the Blair supplements and his non-commercial "special HD milk/egg protein powder mix", B Complex, lipo capsules, etc. I could, bags full that he packed personally for me. He also put me on a high calorie, high protein diet, no sugar, very few veges or fruit and in a week for the first time ever, I started gaining bulk weight and strength, 3 protein drinks, dozens of vitamins, etc. In about a month I gained 26 lbs, upper body power, more than ever before. I was a very hard gainer/ecto like Frank Zane, another Blair student.

I really miss Rheo, he died too soon, but I used to buy his consumer milk/egg protein mix at Quinn's in the late 70's on until it was discontinued. His protein powders were the best tasting and digestible for me. I wish I could get some more of that stuff, loved it.

Do you know where I can get Rheo Blair supplements?



Re: rheo blair protein

Posted by Paul

Blair's protein powder has not been available for many years, even some people that were selling it in the recent past were not selling Blair's original formula. The secret to Rheo Blair protein was it was milk and egg proteins processed with low heat and he keep the lactose in it.

We do have amino acids based on Rheo's forumla, we have had some former Blair clients try them and they did confirm that they are the closest thing they have been able to find to Rheo Blairs amino acids, checkout our Amino Acid Complex.

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