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running and weight training

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Posted by madge

I run 4x week, usually in the mornings, and am finding it tricky to figure out when to fit in lower body strength training. If I run in the a.m.s, my legs are pretty shot the rest of the day. If I do a leg/lower body workout on non-running days, then that means my legs don't get a day off got 3 days in a row. I have been trying to get in a second workout on running days, doing the leg strength sessions after work about once/week, but when I do, they don't recover in time for the next scheduled run. So usually I just opt for the running & blow off the strength training, which isn't a great solution. I know somebody out there has encountered this dilemma...any tips?



Re: running and weight training

Posted by Newton

Hi Madge;

I think it all depends on what your goals of your training is. However, I also know that many females opt for more aerobic than anaerobic training. Would you consider dropping a day of running? 4X a week is a lot of running. Even if you are not training legs on one of your off days, when does your body as a whole get to recover?

Good luck!


Re: running and weight training

Posted by henry

do legs sat. morning run mon tues wed thur.

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