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Simplest way to gain weight

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Posted by Jim

Any average, healthy, person can gain weight, without special supplements. This may not be easy, however it is simple. If you eat more than your body needs you will gain weight. Just like losing weight, counting calories is important. If you are eating 3500 calories and not gaining weight, eat 4000C. Keep increasing your calorie intake until you are gaining 1 to 3 pounds a week. Note, that if you put on weight to fast, most of it will be fat. Always weigh yourself first thing in the morning, before eating or drinking. Be sure to eat about the same amount of calories each day and spread them out as much as possible.

Fruits and vegetables will fill you up, but are low in calories. To gain eat lots of calorie rich foods. Meat, peanut butter, cheese. Get a calorie book if you don't have one. Mix a pint of heavy cream with a cup of milk and a few eggs - blend, add fruit if you want = about 1200C. Weight gain supplements ar OK if you can afford them. No matter what you drink or eat, however, if you don't eat enough calories, daily, you won't gain weight.

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