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six pack abs diet

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Posted by jimmy

im throwing out to the vets. Heres the stats:

never had it checked but guessing from charts that ive seen about 15-18%bf

Everythings starting to go the way i want but need to lose the lovehandles. As far as diet starting to clean it up. nitro-tech & raisin bran for breakfast
protein bar for snack
2peanut butter sand for lunch
protein bar for afternoon
chicken,steak,or chops for dinner
went from a 4 cans of soda to maybe one a day plus 8-10 bottles of water a day
cardio is very little if any

Heres where i want to go would like to get body fat closer to 10-12%,lose the love handles and start to see the six pack abs. Looking for good advise of supplements,and differant things to try. also right now taking hydroxycut for about 1 month,good progress at beginng but tapering off. let me hear from the ones in the know.

Re: six pack abs diet

Posted by MrMuscles

Everyone had different body types but we all can benefit from the same regiman! Keep your work out and diet the same, the easiest way to reduce the unwanted body fat is to do CARDIO!!!! Just add 20 mins everyother day if you dont like it, EVERYDAY if you like it!!! Keep the heart rate at 85% of Max for those 20 mins!!!!

GUARANTEED to lose 25-35 lbs in 12 weeks!!!!


Re: six pack abs diet

Posted by HIT Man

Your diet is terrible, you will not get a six pack this way. Cut out all the carbs and junk food and stick to things like egg whites, chicken breast, tuna, green vegatables, brown right and yams.

Re: six pack abs diet


also keep in mind that calories mean everything.
not fat,not carbs,not protein.
the average sedentary human will get fat off of 1700 cals a day.
now we're not sedentary. wer're far from it. but if your not losing the fat, then you still need to drop the cals.
in order to reduce cals to a low level, you will need to lower carbs and fats. thus meaning you must increase protein. BUT, carbs and fats are still important. also keep in mind, you may have the willpower to eat perfect for a while, but can you maintain eating like that. the goal is to find a happy medium and slowly start altering your diet.
otherwise usually you blow right back up to where you were when you started. also, take 220 - your age = ?
that's your max heart rate.
now multiply it by .85
that is 85%intensity.
if you know your resting heart rate then the karvonen formula would be better but i can't remember it off the top of my head.
anyways, hope this helps a little.

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