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Betastatin Spirostim Dx4 vs Cybergenics Quick Trim

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Posted by Damon

I had a question about using Spirostim Dx4 vs. using Cybergenics Quick Trim. I used the Quick Trim about 2 years ago with outstanding results and I was looking to get the Quick Trim again but I see that it is currently not available. Does the Spirostim Dx4 work about the same or comparably to the Quick Trim? Is the workout / diet plan similar between the two?

Just want to get a little more info to see if I might buy the Dx4 instead of waiting for the Quick Trim to come back.



Betastatin Spirostim Dx4

Re: Betastatin Spirostim Dx4 vs Cybergenics Quick Trim

Posted by mark

spirostim is sick. i lost 26 pounds in 14 days, and put 1/8th inch on my arms. i recommend this product to people who train hard and can diet just as hard.

Re: Betastatin Spirostim Dx4 vs Cybergenics Quick Trim

Posted by twyla

i absolutely love spirostim! i was a size 14 before i started with spirostim. i followed the directions very carefully and by the end of week one, i was a size 8, and i dropped 20 pounds. i had never seen my abs in my life. i saw every muscle in my body. in fact, my model agency told me to lose a little muscle! i felt great! i would recommend this product to someone who needs to lose weight and get ripped who is in good health. this product is awesome!

Betastatin Spirostim Dx4

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