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Stenandiol reviews

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Posted by John

I was wondering if any one has tried Stenandiol. German American Technologies seems like an ify company to me. Please E-mail me so I don't make the mistake in buying it.

Re: Stenandiol reviews

Posted by Ozzie

Stenandiol is some good shit!!! In fact, I haven't seen a better supplement yet. I weighed 165lbs. when I started taking it. After the first cycle, I weighed 180lbs. and I lost an inch off my waist. Just stay on a strict diet and get lots of protein, and bust your ass in the gym and you will definately see great results!!

Re: Stenandiol reviews

Posted by Josh

I started stenandiol 2 months ago. I was 185lbs. After the first 2 weeks I gained 7lbs, 10 in all after the 1 month cycle. I decided to take 2 weeks off before I started the 2nd month because I wanted to let my enzymes replentish and I was going on vacation. Well I got sick for over a week and drank nothing but oj. I lost like 7-8lbs. Now into the 2nd week of the 2nd cycle Im still around 190lbs. It doesn't seem to be working like the first cycle so Im not real certian about it. It doesn't seem to be a dangerous product. I think a 1 month supply is worth a try. If you are into creatine may I suggest metrx mass action...I gained like 12lbs in less than 2 months(176-188lbs).

Re: Stenandiol reviews

Posted by Bryan

I'm thinking about trying this stuff. My brother tried it a year ago and got great results, but he said the manual only lays out a program for nighttime workouts. Does anyone have any suggestions for someone with a morning workout schedule? You have to rearrange the pill timing and I 'm not sure how to do it....

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