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APO FPO Shipping

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Anabolic bodybuilding supplements military, we do support our troops and of course provide supplement APO FPO shipping.

Exclusive Military Offers!

As a military customer, you will receive fast shipping and extra freebies in your package just for our military customers!


Military orders are unique in that they can only be shipped via Priority Mail and they must go through U.S. Customs before they are received by the Military transports.

Most orders are shipped the same day though some will ship within 2-4 business days depending on inventory demand, address corrections, or if a customer quickly re-orders after placing an order and we hold the original and combine the two.

It is important to be 100% certain of your delivery address so we can expedite your package(s) on time and without any problem from Customs. Since we have no way of verifying an accurate Military address, we must rely on you, the customer to provide accurate information.

It is of utmost importance that you use the same billing address that your card-issuing bank has on file regardless of shipping the product elsewhere. Most customers have their billing addresses at home in the States and have the orders shipped to their address of deployment.

This is important so we can be sure the order is valid and not fraudulent. Our system requires 100% accuracy for an order to be accepted. Even if the order goes through when submitted, it DOES NOT mean it will be accepted when processed. We have to review all orders before shipping in order to protect the cardholder.

If you ever have ANY questions prior to placing an order, we will gladly assist you!


All orders using a Military address, such as an APO or AE address will be shipped US Postal Service Priority Mail (MILITARY). Priority Mail cannot be guaranteed for specific timeframes as heightened security can delay the delivery of packages to Military bases especially outside the United States.

UPS does not deliver to these addresses and the US Postal Service usually won't ship Express/Overnight to these addresses unless otherwise stated by our Post Office.

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Supplements Military APO FPO Shipping

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