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Dynamic Duo - The Benefits of Taking a Testosterone Booster and Creatine Together

Creatine is great for building muscle and testosterone boosters (such as AndroStack, etc) are great for building muscle and some guys debate which supplement to go with. Who says you have to make a choice? While both creatine and testosterone boosters work well, why not team them up for an even more productive pop to your muscle growth?

This pair, creatine and a testosterone booster, come at the muscle building provocation from different angles. The creatine increases the available ATP, the energy source, for more awesome workouts. And the testosterone booster stimulates more testosterone to come at growth from the hormonal angle. One is a hormone push, the other an energy push, and together they really crank up the muscle building metabolism. It makes sense to put them together as this allows you to have your energy levels at their peak at the same time you get your testosterone up to its peak. And Voila! a blazing workout.

This "mini-stack" of two of the top muscle builders can ignite muscle growth and spark new gains in the major muscle groups. And since it is a muscle stack of naturally occurring elements instead of the chemical stack that many employ when they team steroids, growth hormone, insulin, etc., the creatine and ecdysterone or other natural testosterone boosters are much safer for the body while letting you get amazing pumps.

Speaking of safety, a mini-stack should only be taken in a cycle this is not a permanent, day-in, day-out approach from here on out. Instead, a deliberate cycle of creatine plus a testosterone booster should be used as you would car cable for a jump start every now and then to get a spark going.

The testosterone booster plus creatine mix is a powerful combination, a dynamic duo for promoting muscle gains.

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Testosterone Booster and Creatine Stack

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