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The real truth about bodybuilding

Posted by Walter


People want results as fast as possible - and there is nothing wrong with that. People also want to make money as fast as possible - again, nothing wrong with that, but let the buyer beware.

With all the products on the market and books on the shelf how do you know which are best?

Be smart - if you want to know who builds the best car do you go to the Chevy dealer and ask them? - only if you want to be told that Chevy builds the best car. If you want to know the best supplements to take don't get your information from a Magazine that sells supplements - or worse yet, from a supplement company. Get your information from un-biased sources - medical publications, news sources, doctors, etc. The same goes for diet, etc.


DIET (FAT LOSS): There are only 2 ways to lose weight - eat less than you need (calories), or go on a carb depletion diet. For long term weight loss eating less is the way to go.

WEIGHT GAIN: There is only one way to gain weight/mass - eat more calories than you need.

GIANT MUSCLES: First - if you want to look like a Pro Bodybuilder - the only way you will ever get there is to take steroids - if you think there's another way you are just fooling yourself.

SUPPLEMENTS: There are good supplements - but as stated above - don't go to publications that sell supplements for your information. Good health is an important part of fitness and this is one area that supplements excel. As a general rule you want daily B's (balanced), C (300 to 500mg x 2 - 12 hours apart) - vitamin E - at least 400I.U. a day is a good idea, and men, don't forget your Zinc, women, your Iron. A good multi vitamin/min supplement is OK - but most 'one-a-day's' do not dissolve and just pass through your system. You will find that most Doctors now agree with the above. Also your Doctor may recomend taking an asprin a day.

Amino's help if you can afford them - and Creatine is a great boost for bodybuilders.

FOODS: This is one subject that is very complicated no matter how you look at it. The main point here is to avoid the most common mistake: calories - not 'food' - 'control' weight loss and gain. Food types and amounts can have a strong effect on energy and general health - and these effects may vary greatly from person to person. Again, this is a very complicated subject, but well worth learning as much as possible about.

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