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The steroid debate

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Posted by Tom Phillips

The news groups on the Net are a steady thread of steroid debates. Who uses, who doesn't. Should you? should you not? On and on. When it comes to a question of health, and health alone, just about everyone will agree they should not be used. When it comes to personal use, the average person is against using them. I, personally, am also in agreement that they are unhealthy. I consider myself a bodybuilder, I have not used anabolic steroids, and never will.

Before I go on let's talk about who does use 'steroids'. I use 'steroids'. I am allergic to poison ivy, and if I get it I must go to the Doctor to get a 'shot' of 'steroids'. Much of the Female population of the USA uses 'steroids' - birth control pills. I could go on and on. Most people have, will, or do use 'steroids'. But that's different you say? Check your PDR, there are many different types of steroids, however, you will find they all have pretty much the same dangers and side effects. Of course this is under a doctors supervision, and we can assume they are being taken in prescribed doses. Now back to the main topic, sports use of anabolic type 'steroids'. Yes, sports use, let's not single out Bodybuilders, because like it or not a very large percentage of all professional athletes use steroids. Why, because you, the average person want them to, demand that they do.

So many people turn up their noses at 'bodybuilders', "because they take drugs to get that way". Then they grab a can of beer and some chips for the Sunday afternoon game. They watch super human teams do battle, teams that would destroy the teams of 30 years ago. How do they think these 'people' became 'super'? By eating their corn flakes? I don't think so. A bodybuilder trains in such a way so as to 'grow' their muscles, and to achieve a certain balance. On the other hand a football player trains much differently. He trains to be good at what he does. Anabolic steroids can be just as effective in helping him become the best. Anabolic steroids do not make you look like a Bodybuilder, bodybuilding does. I think a lot of people need to wake up to the fact that it is human nature to want the best. In bodybuilding 'big' rules. Take two identical twins in a bodybuilding competition, with the same proportions, same body fat percentage, one 20 pounds bigger than the other, who will get your vote - the bigger, or the smaller? Need I even ask?

Say you're an art lover. You have a choice, you can go into one of two rooms for an hour. The first room is filled with celebrated works of art, the other is filled with artwork that would never sell. Which room do you pick? We all want the best, if we have a choice. Does this mean people should use 'steroids' - no. However let us all keep in mind, when 'we' go to bad talking the people who do, who it is that wants them to in the first place. Maybe our time on the net could be put to better use, perhaps discussing safer ways to get the same results as those who take steroids?

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