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training biceps and triceps together

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Posted by Chad


I read over an article by Fig " How to get Big Arms."

I have been working out 4 days a week due to schedule it is Sunday, Monday, Wed, and Fri. Chest and Back Sun and Wed, and Arms and shoulders Mon, Fri. This is the only schedule with my work and kids I can do so it is what it is.

I really enjoyed the article since my arms are not really gaining size in the last 5 months. They are stronger just not bigger so I am not too unhappy.

I was just wondering when doing the exercises he listed are they done all together per muscle.

So do all the BI exercise first, and then do Tris or do you mix them up? I know for my chest and back I do one back and then do one chest and keep that pattern till I am done.

Thanks for the help and I appreciate the forum.

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