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Training with shoulder pain

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Posted by Mike

I'm 49 years old and started lifting weights about 18 months ago. A while back, I did something to my right shoulder/collarbone area while exercising. I've been to the orthopedic surgeon and he says the xray doesn't show any kind of fracture or other structural damage. I'm pretty frustrated with him, though, because there's a definite hard lump on my right collarbone area that's not there on my left collarbone. All he does is give me cortisone injections. Anyway, the problem is that my right shoulder/collarbone gives me problems when I try to start adding more weight to my bench press. My left side is saying "go go go" and my right side is saying "stop stop stop" because of the awareness of pain in the shoulder area. My goal is to be in the best physical condition I can possibly be, and for my wife to be able to say "WOW" when I get out of the shower. I really want to pack on some serious muscle. How can I get around this shoulder thing? My chest is really lagging behind my other body parts because of this situation. I can't go to a different (or even the same) orthopedic surgeon for additional examinations/treatments because I've recently changed insurance companies and the new one considers this an existing condition and won't cover any costs related to it. Thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Training with shoulder pain

Posted by Simon


I too have a shoulder problem which I gained from swimming. I don't swim anymore so I have taken up weights to keep in shape. My shoulder gives me problems in a few exercises, I sugest you try some alternative exercises possibly with dumbells. If the other exercises still irritate it then your best bet would be to do lighter weights with more reps which will still give you toned muscells.

Keep away from the cortisone injections, unless you really need them, they're bad news. You could use an anti-inflamitory which may help. When your shoulder does play up put ice on it.

If everything fails then go and see a physio and see if they can find the problem.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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