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Ultimate Orange Supplement Review

Posted by Michael

OK, I don't sell supplements, I'm not a certified trainer, I don't have a web page, I have a chemical engineering degree witch is totally unrelated to the subject, I've only been powerlifting for a few years, so at the risk of getting killed for promoting a supplement, here goes...

I tried Ultimate Orange once at the recommendation of a friend as a quick energy source before bench workouts during a very intense bench cycle (thanks, Tom). I liked it and now I drink it regularly before 80%+ max days. It may actually be giving me more energy, it may be all psychological, but whatever it is I definitely feel stronger and perform better with it. Just the knowledge that I had taken it makes me just a little more confident during big lifts and that may very well be the only thing it's worth, but as long as it works I'll take it. (I haven't generated any extra limbs or mutated into Goro yet, but I'll keep you advised).

Also, I haven't figured out if the "Do not take this product if you are subject to drug testing under NCAA, IOC..." is just a clever marketing ploy by the snake oil salesmen or not, but I suppose I'll know if I ever fail a drug test. Nothing on the ingredients looks too bad or ends in "-ol" or "-one"!

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