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Vitamin C for muscle building

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Posted by Cameron

First and foremost, great site, you guys rock and you rock and did I meantion also you guys all rock?

Just a quick question regarding Vitamin C. My understanding is that Vitamin C is important in the healing process. Is this true? Does this apply to muscles? Does it make sense to take large amounts of vitamin C to assist post workout recouperation?

Kind regards,


Re: Vitamin C for muscle building

Posted by biff

Vitamin C aids in joint recovery. It also keeps the immune system running optimaly. Between 2-3 grams of Vit. C a day is probably a good place to start.

Re: Vitamin C for muscle building

Posted by nosant

Just double up on all your vits.. i take extra anti-oxidents (c,e,a)..also a multi-mineral.. weight trained individuals are freq. low in zinc.. and extra B's... first thing in the morning and right after your workout... I would not advocate huge doses of anything.. but a little extra never hurt...

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