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weight lifting for football

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Posted by Thomas

my program

hey here is my program could use a little advice if it's ok.

training for football

Day 1

Bench press (program)
Squat 10x3
Clean 6x4
Hamstring curls - 10x3
Biceps curls 21 s
Shoulder raises lateral/frontal 5x3

Day 2

Incline bench 8x3
Step-ups and lunges 7x2
Row 6x4
Triceps ext 8x3
Hang clean 5x5
Shoulder press 6x4
Back ext 5 up/down x2

Day 3

Bench press (program)
Squat 8, 6, 4
Shoulder shrug 6x3
Cable fly 6x4
Clean 5,4,3
Dips 15x2

the bench program is one my coach gave me

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