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what is the best protein powder

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Posted by Audio8

I looked around at various sports nutrition stores for a protien shake that delivers a good amount of protien in a reasonable serving, and at a reasonable price. A lot of them require that you mix 1/2 cup of powder for a serving, which is quite ridiculous. You're buying a big 1Gal container that only delivers 20 servings. Needless to say, this can get pretty expensive after a while. Anyway, I was just wondering what Protien shake out there gives you the most bang for your buck. Thanks...btw, I'm not taking taste into consideration. With a little experimentation, any shake can be made to taste good.

Re: what is the best protein powder

Posted by AL

i'm using simply pro by EAS and i'd say it's more bang for your buck. i've tried quite a few, but this one seems to be the most cost effective. and it tastes good too (chocolate that is......).

Re: what is the best protein powder

Posted by Silver69

Hey Audio, awhile back Iamdwalrus suggested I try Optimum whey. It's cheap and has lots of protein. Tasty. Recommended. Great for pocket!

Re: how much protein to build muscle

Posted by Wayne

I Love the Deseigner Chocolate Protein powder...the are really good, but that is all that I have tried....So I really can't compare. They are 40 servings for $44.oo Canadian minus your 20% discount at GNC. That works out to $36 and change.

Re: what is the best protein powder

Posted by Nick

I use Designer and IsoPure. Be careful with the IsoPure...It gave me an upset stomach and the shits the first few times using it... You get used to it eventually, but it could cause initial discomfort.

Re: what is the best protein powder

Posted by R Smith

The cheapest protein drink made by a major manufacturer is USUALLY "Perfect Rx" by the company that makes Isopure. You can usually find them for about $1.50 per serving or less. I have personally never used it. You can also find good prices on supplements at Walmart.

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