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What You Can Do To Build Lean Muscle

Building lean muscle can be challenging, especially if you are new to becoming more physically active. There are several important steps to becoming toned and fit, with the most important aspects being diet and exercise. Changing the way that you eat and adding some new routines to your workout may be just the boost you need to become healthier and stronger.


Eating Habits


Depending on your starting weight, building lean muscle should be a relatively short process. If you have some excess body fat to lose, however, changing your diet will be the first step to becoming lean and fit. Once you begin exercising daily, try to keep your diet at or below about 1,500 calories if you have some weight to lose, but remember not to cut the calories too low if you are burning some of them by working out.


Once you have cut the excess fat from your body, a healthy and balanced diet of about 2,000 calories a day is what you will need to build lean muscle. Maintaining your muscle will also depend on your ability to maintain your exercise routine, so that you won’t lose the muscle that you have built. For most people, exercising for more than twenty minutes three or four times a week with regular weight training will help keep the lean muscle that you have built.




To build lean muscle, you will also need to exercise on a regular basis. Some types of exercises are better than others, but remember that any activity will help you maintain a healthy weight and help you maintain the muscle that you have built. Once you become accustomed to the exercise plan that you are using, you can increase its intensity for better results.


If you want to build lean muscle to help you look better, then the result that you get from your initial attempts may be enough motivation to help you maintain your routine, but for some, the temptation to quit too soon may be a real problem for progression.


Set Goals


It may be beneficial to set some specific goals for building lean muscle, so that you have something to work toward. You can set both short term and long term goals, so that once you reach one of your goals, you still have another one to work toward. It is not easy to stick with an exercise routine, but it is the only way that you can build lean muscle.


Find Some Help


If you are having some trouble setting goals or beginning to build lean muscle, then you may want to look for either a self help book to get you started or find a gym that has a trainer on hand. Working with someone else can be very motivating, especially if you find a partner who shares some of the same goals as you do. Exercising with a partner to build lean muscle can lead you to a healthier life, so that you have the energy to enjoy more.

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