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working out for weight loss

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Posted by Callum


I have a few questions for you. It may seem odd I'm still a tad unclear about fitness seeing as I've already lost over 40kg over the past 18 months (I used to weight 128kg, now I'm 87kg), but, as you should know, the home run is perhaps the hardest part.

1) I understand that a good night's sleep is pivotal while trying to lose weight, but there's one particular thing I'm frankly clueless about. Gym opening hours are usually pretty terrible on weekends. My local gym is only open till 11am on a Sunday, for instance. Which means I'd have to wake up early in order to get to the gym, and get by on about 6 hours of sleep. Maybe less depending on how undisciplined I am the night before (bear in mind I need to wake at about 8am in order to have breakfast at about 8:30, and hit the gym about an hour later to allow for a good workout). So my question is this: would it be more beneficial to enjoy a full sleep of 8 or 9 hours, or to take away a few hours of sleep to get to the gym for a workout? Your body does burn calories while you sleep, after all.

2) Can you please explain the logic behind eating more food if one does more exercise? I get that it could leave you feeling sluggish if you're undernourished. Yet, one would think the more exercise the better...but if more exercise means you need to eat more, would that mean you'd achieve the same result by eating less and exercising less? I'm confused about this. Would you lose less weight if you exercised a lot but didn't eat a great deal?

3) What do you think about the consumption of soy sauce? For my stir-fries I avoid making sauces with, say, tomato paste or peanut butter, but I need *some* taste so I usually splash some soy sauce in the pan. Would I get better results if I held off the soy sauce and went with plain protein and veges?


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