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The Zone diet for bodybuilding

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Posted by Todd


I could really use some input on muscle building and the zone diet. I was reading a blog about the Zone diet, so I bought the books yesterday. My goal has always been to add size but my doctor says I don't have the genetics for it. I am sure he is basing this on my labs. However, I am not willing to accept this answer. I am not asking much but want to add about 15 lbs of lean and not get over 10%. I would actually like to be at 8% and that weight.

Some background, I am 49, about 10% bodyfat, 171 lbs and lift 4 days per week on average. My horomone levels are great, as I am on an HRT program, so both free and total testosterone are in ideal ranges. I know how to eat clean and stick to a plan.

My challenge here is my body does not regulate insulin well. Thus I already eat a high protein/fat diet and few complex carbs. I do eat fruits and veggies too. If I even eat a moderate carb meal I get tired very quickly. I only put two and two together a year ago, so got rid of most of the starches in my diet. I do have brown rice or a sweet potatoe three or four meals per week and usually on the days I have trained.

I have already some of the Zone and the doctor says that he has had athletes gain 11 lbs of lean in 6 weeks. These are people who have conditioned bodies, so I know that it is even harder for them to gain size.

BTW, my name is Bob and I would really appreciate someinput on this matter.

Thank you


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